attic or full floor?

When building and choosing a house, the consumer sometimes faces the question of what is better: an attic or a whole floor? indeed, the choice is not always obvious. recall that the attic is a residential area in the attic, which is formed under the roof.

only the ceiling height is taken into account, which is about two and a half meters minimum. and the shape of the roof itself does not matter. so, the roof can be broken or inclined. in order to decide which option is best to choose, it is reasonable to consider the features of each of them on specific examples.

You can conduct this experiment yourself if you go to any construction-related site. So, take, for example, two houses. They are completely identical to each other. Only one of them will have an attic, and the second includes a full floor. What is the difference between them? The difference between the attic and the floor is, first of all, in the price and features of finishing.