Архитектура на картинах отечественных художников


Fyodor Alekseev began his career with urban landscapes of Venice, where he lived as a pensioner from the Academy of Arts. Returning to Russia, he painted views of the Crimea, Poltava, Oryol, but he became famous for paintings depicting Moscow and St. Petersburg. The most famous paintings of his Moscow cycle — "Red Square in Moscow" and "View of the Resurrection and Nikolsky Gates and Neglinny Bridge from Tverskaya Street in Moscow" — are now stored in the Tretyakov Gallery. The main St. Petersburg paintings of the artist — "View of the Arrow of Vasilyevsky Island from the Peter and Paul Fortress" and "View of the English Embankment" can be viewed in the collection of the Russian Museum

Alekseyev's paintings are interesting not only from an artistic, but also from a historical point of view: for example, the 1800s painting "View of the Church of St. Nicholas the Great Cross on Ilinka" depicts a baroque church of the late XVII century, which was demolished in 1933. and thanks to the painting "view of the kazan cathedral", you can find out that originally there was a wooden obelisk in front of this st. petersburg temple. over time, it became dilapidated, and in the 1820s it was removed from the square.